5.11. plotting

Utility code for most of the plots used as part of the EQcorrscan package.

copyright:EQcorrscan developers.
license:GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html)

All plotting functions accept the save, savefile, title and show keyword arguments.

chunk_data Downsample data for plotting.
cumulative_detections Plot cumulative detections or detection rate in time.
detection_multiplot Plot a stream of data with a template on top of it at detection times.
freq_mag Plot a frequency-magnitude histogram and cumulative density plot.
interev_mag Plot inter-event times against magnitude.
multi_event_singlechan Plot data from a single channel for multiple events.
NR_plot Plot Network response alongside the stream used.
obspy_3d_plot Plot obspy Inventory and obspy Catalog classes in three dimensions.
peaks_plot Plot peaks to check that the peak finding routine is running correctly.
plot_repicked Plot a template over a detected stream, with picks corrected by lag-calc.
plot_synth_real Plot multiple channels of data for real data and synthetic.
pretty_template_plot Plot of a single template, possibly within background data.
spec_trace Plots seismic data with spectrogram behind.
subspace_detector_plot Plotting for the subspace detector class.
threeD_gridplot Plot in a series of grid points in 3D.
threeD_seismplot Plot seismicity and stations in a 3D, movable, zoomable space.
triple_plot Plot a seismogram, correlogram and histogram.
xcorr_plot Plot a template overlying an image aligned by correlation.
noise_plot Plot signal and noise fourier transforms and the difference.