A Python package for the detection and analysis of repeating and near-repeating seismicity. EQcorrscan contains an efficient, multi-parallel, matched-filter detection routine (template-matching), as well as routines to implement subspace detection.

Code is stored on github, the development branches are here, or the latest stable release can be found here.

EQcorrscan uses Obspy bindings when reading and writing seismic data, and for handling most of the event metadata, which ensures that detections can be easily migrated between software.

Also within this package are:

This package is written by the EQcorrscan developers, and is distributed under the LGPL GNU Licence, Copyright EQcorrscan developers 2017.


If you use this package in your work, please cite the following paper: Chamberlain, C. J., Hopp, C. J., Boese, C. M., Warren-Smith, E., Chambers, D., Chu, S. X., Michailos, K., Townend, J., EQcorrscan: Repeating and near-repeating earthquake detection and analysis in Python. Seismological Research Letters, 2017