5.7. mag_calc

Functions to calculate local magnitudes automatically, and to calcualte relative moments for near-repeating earthquakes using singular-value decomposition techniques.

copyright:EQcorrscan developers.
license:GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3 (https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html)

5.7.1. Classes & Functions

amp_pick_event Pick amplitudes for local magnitude for a single event.
amp_pick_sfile Function to pick amplitudes for local magnitudes from NORDIC s-files.
calc_b_value Calculate the b-value for a range of completeness magnitudes.
calc_max_curv Calculate the magnitude of completeness using the maximum curvature method.
dist_calc Function to calculate the distance in km between two points.
pick_db Wrapper to loop through a SEISAN database and make a lot of magnitude picks.
svd_moments Calculate relative moments/amplitudes using singular-value decomposition.

5.7.2. Private Functions

Note that these functions are not designed for public use and may change at any point.

_sim_WA Remove the instrument response from a trace and simulate a Wood-Anderson.
_pairwise Wrapper on itertools for SVD_magnitude.
_max_p2t Finds the maximum peak-to-trough amplitude and period.
_find_resp Helper function to find the response information.
_GSE2_PAZ_read Read the instrument response information from a GSE Poles and Zeros file.